James VanderWeide

Photographer | Designer | Creator

Exploring and learning as I go. Always seeking different
ways to expand my years of photography and retouching
expertise and my enthusiasm for type and design.

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Things you should first know about me:


Phoenix, M83, Daft Punk, Empire of the Sun, and Mutemath are what you would find me listening to on Pandora.


I live for food and coffee. Most of the time you could find me hanging out at Peixoto. If there's a place I'd call my second home, it'd be there. You should check it out!

LoTR Aficionado

Love the books and movies. I wish they could make more sequels based on the short stories and The Silmarillion (don't know how that will work, but someone make it happen).


...to this lovely lady for almost 5 years now!!


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